Video, Photos, and Materials from the Transportation Remix

Ed Fischer
Ed Fischer Presents at the Transportation Remix

The Transportation Remix party at the Oregon Electric Station on October 22nd was a great time.  The room was packed with over 100 people for the three hour event, and CAT’s valet bike parking was filled to capacity.  The event was part of the planning for Eugene’s new Ped/Bike master plan, covered earlier by WBE here.

The first hour of the event had a party atmosphere with an open bar and snacks, followed by three 20 minute presentations and then an hour-long question and answer session with the panel.  ODOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Sheila Lyons did a great job moderating the event, and had much to add to the question and answer session.

Update: Alan Pitman over at has also published a great writeup of the Transportation Remix. He even included a link that I’d forgotten to mention: Elly Blue’s article on Grist about the “Safety in Numbers” phenomena, which was a large theme in Ed Fischer’s presentation.

If you missed the party, or just want to live it again, take the jump for videos of the three presentations, copies of the presentation materials, and a slideshow!

Below I have descriptions of the three presentations followed by links to view the video and presentation materials.  Despite using a tripod, the video is a little shaky at times.  This is due to my novicity (I’ve decided that’s a word [No, it’s not.  –The Copy Editor]) when it comes to video taping presentations in low light.  Also, I was holding a beer in my free hand.

A side note: While it is standard practice in writing to refer to people by only their last names after first introducing them, I’ve decided that this is a very un-Eugenian practice, and I don’t want to follow it anymore unless it’s necessary for clarity.  From now on, we are on a first-name basis on this blog (except for me, because I treat my last name like my first name).

One of the concepts that was really imported to us, particularly in Copenhagen and Switzerland, was this concept of safety in numbers.  There is a real awareness of bicycists out in the street and pedestrians when there are a lot more of them.  – Ed Fischer

The first presenter was former ODOT State Traffic Engineer Ed Fischer presenting the International Scan on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility.   For this project he traveled all over  Europe where his team learned a lot about what other countries were doing to encourage walking and biking, and saw which infrastructure, attitudes, and policies worked or didn’t work.

View the video of Ed’s presentation to the Transportation Remix (~20 minutes, Vimeo)

View Ed’s presentation materials (embedded PPT)

“What we’re engaged in is getting others to view people on bikes with affection.” – Hugh Prichard quoting Mikael H. of

The next presentation was by Hugh Prichard, retired 4J school teacher (soon we all will be) and real estate developer.  He’s been on several bicycling tours to Copenhagen, and compared the experience of cycling there to cycling in Eugene.  His presentation starts off with a pretty amazing slide show of where we could one day be ourselves.

View the video of Hugh’s presentation to the Transportation Remix (~20 minutes, Vimeo)

View Hugh’s slideshow (no-sound, YouTube)

People are unreasonably enough demanding and actually complete network of bike routes, somewhat like what cars are enjoying today. –  Jessica Robert (tongue-in-cheek)

The third presenter was Jessica Roberts of Portland-based Alta Planning + Design.  Alta Planning + Design are currently working with the City of Eugene to develop their Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.  Her presentation, titled “Home Grown Innovations,” illustrated all the great things that are happening in Portland and Eugene to promote cycling, and assessed their success.

Jessica provides a great description in her presentation of the appropriate use of sharrows and bike boulevards, a topic that has generated some controversy in the past.

View the video of Jessica’s presentation to the Transportation Remix (~20 minutes, Vimeo)

View the Jessica’s presentation materials (embedded PDF)

Of course, no WBE event post would be complete without a slideshow:

to promote cycling

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