Woman Attacked on River Path Near Maurie Jacobs Park

This story showed up tonight at the Register-Guard, KEZI, and KMTR.  I’m going to post the KMTR version because it’s the most thorough.   Please be extra careful out there, especially since it’s getting dark earlier and earlier.

The general area of the attack (click for Google Map)

Via KMTR: Woman attacked on bike path near Maurie Jacobs Park

Eugene Police are putting out information and a suspect description in an assault/attempted rape incident that occurred October 13 around 11:44 p.m. with the hope that someone will have information that can help identify the suspect.

On October 13, a 47-year-old woman was riding her bike home on Maurie Jacobs Park off of Fir and Lombard when an unknown man intercepted her and asked her for a cigarette or a light. While she was looking for one, he pulled her down by the river, and assaulted and attempted to rape her. She was able to successfully fight him off and called 9-1-1.

The man is described as a white male, with stubbly facial hair, in his 20s or 30s, of medium build, 6′ tall and 185 pounds. He was possibly wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and soft black sweat pants.

If anyone has information or observed this incident, they are asked to call 541.682.5836.

The attacker remains at large and police are concerned for other women who may become victims and are releasing the following personal safety tips:

* Use the buddy system when going out after dark. You should know the person you are with well enough to trust them.

* Walk in lighted areas as much as possible and don’t walk too close to bushes, alleyways or other places where attackers can conceal themselves

* Be aware of your surroundings at all times

* Walk confidently and don’t avoid eye contact

* Don’t let strangers into your ‘space.’ Keep plenty of distance between yourself and people you don’t wish to approach you.

* Don’t stop to talk with strangers asking for directions or other types of help as this can be a ploy to get close for an attack.

* If you feel you are in danger or being followed, call 9-1-1

* If you see someone who makes you feel unsafe or who is engaged in questionable activities, avoid going near them

* If grabbed, fight back and make as much noise as possible.

* Do not get into someone’s car even if they display a weapon. It is better to fight back in the street where help is closer at hand and other people may hear your calls for help.

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