Ped/Bike Master Plan Open House and October InMotion

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There is a lot happening this October in the Eugene bike planning world, most notably the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Open House on October 14th and the Transportation Remix on October 22nd.

I’ll post about how awesome the Transportation Remix will be a little closer to the date, but for now I’d like to focus on the importance of the Ped/Bike Master Plan Open House.   This project will provide a long-term guide for how cycling infrastructure is implemented in Eugene, and this open house will be a great way for you to give valuable input.  If you can’t make the open house, don’t panic; the Ped/Bike Plan website has other ways for you to contribute.

When: Thursday, October 14th, 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Where: Monroe Middle School, 2800 Bailey Lane

Also included in this post (after the jump) is the City of Eugene’s October InMotion Newsletter.  It’s full of great information, including the above events, an opportunity to win an iPad, several public input opportunities for LTD projects and Envision Eugene, construction updates, and a whole bunch of other fun events.

October 2010 Eugene InMotion Newsletter

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2 thoughts on “Ped/Bike Master Plan Open House and October InMotion”

  1. Yea, it sort of is. It’s sad when a middle school is considered to be in a “bike unfriendly location.” Google Bike There says to take the Coburg Rd Bike lane, but there are other options.

    When the Delta Ponds Bridge opens we’ll be able to take a straight shot to Monroe MS from the river path using Cal Young road. That’ll be nice.

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