Bike Commute Challenge Ends, Katura Crowned 2010 Supreme WeBikeEugene Badass

Katura Reynolds: The 2010 WeBikeEugene Supreme Badass

The BTA’s 2010 Bike Commute Challenge has ended.  They’ll present the winners in Portland on Oct. 7th at some sort of big party, but WeBikeEugene has our results now!

The winner of the WBE Bike Commute Challenge is Katura Reynolds with 335 miles and a 100% commute rate.  Katura has officially earned the “2010 WeBikeEugene Supreme Badass Award.”

The final results of the participating WBE “staff”:

Katura Reynolds – Team Mt. Pisgah Arboretum – 335 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Kendra Seager -Team 4J School District – 309 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Mike Seager – Team 4J School District – 281 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Shane MacRhodes – Team 4J School District – 152 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

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3 thoughts on “Bike Commute Challenge Ends, Katura Crowned 2010 Supreme WeBikeEugene Badass”

  1. While I am thrilled and honored to accept the WeBikeEugene Supreme Badass Award, I do want to clarify that, for the record, I simply happen to have the longest commute of the 4 people who write for this blog. Plenty of other Eugene area riders have probably beaten me in terms of mileage this past month!

    In fact, I’d be really thrilled to hear the total miles for September from as many readers as would like to share their stats here. Remember, the amount of fun you have on the ride is far more important than the final odometer reading.

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