WeBikeEugene Staffers Take the Bike Commute Challenge

Screenshot of the Bike Commute Challenge

Are you taking the BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge?  It’s about halfway over (it runs through September), but you can still join in and record miles from earlier this month.  Be sure to mark the days you don’t work as “non-work days” so they don’t affect your commute rate.  Four WeBikeEugene “staffers” are taking the challenge – and challenge all of you to as well.  Post your stats in the comments and be proud!

WBE totals as of Friday, September 17th:

Katura Reynolds – Team Mt. Pisgah Arboretum – 185 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Kendra Seager -Team 4J School District – 179 Miles, 100% Commute Rate (Kendra is 2nd place for all of 4J)

Mike Seager – Team 4J School District – 145 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

Shane Rhodes – Team 4J School District – 100 Miles, 100% Commute Rate

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4 thoughts on “WeBikeEugene Staffers Take the Bike Commute Challenge”

  1. Congrats WBE! Amazing 100% commute rates, but what about us without jobs due to the poor economy, who still “commute” 100% by bicycle?

    P.s. I biked to Portland from Eugene on Saturday; honorable mention?

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