Bike Move: By the Numbers

On August 22, 2010, Eugene cyclists rose to the challenge of an epic bike move. Now, anytime someone elects to haul their worldly possessions to a new location by bicycle, it makes for a great adventure. But in many cases, the brave souls who embark on bike moves are single folks who are living lightly and have only a modest amount of furniture. This time, a 4-person family stepped up to the challenge–with plenty of furniture, appliances, gardening equipment, and even grandma’s historic cast-iron treadle sewing machine. There are too many stories to tell from that fun day, so we’ll just keep it to a checklist and a slideshow for now.

Family Bike Move: By the Numbers

Hundreds  of pounds of cargo
Scores of delighted onlookers
18 cyclists
9 pizzas
8 hours
6.5 miles between houses
6 kids riding along
4 zip codes
4 flat tires (all on the giant trailer)
3 beds
2 rounds of hauling
1 cinderblock (for changing tires)
3/4 keg of beer
0 carbon emissions

Next time, bring:
scissors-jack for flat tires
more of those little juice boxes
a full charge on the bike-mounted sound system

Read the full write-up on the GEARs website.

Author: Katura Reynolds