Burley Takes Home GOLD at Eurobike

The GOLD winning Burley Travoy

Eurobike is the worlds biggest bicycle industry tradeshow and with 565 entries from 30 countries the competition for the Eurobike awards is pretty stiff. This year Burley Design knew going into the show that the new Travoy trailer was one of the 104 products to receive a “Eurobike Award 2010” but today they just received word that the jury selected them to receive one of only 12 GOLD awards.  The GOLD awards were reviewed by categories that ranged from city bikes and mountain bikes to accessories and concepts.  The category that Burley was in had the stiffest competition with 199 other entries (compared to 10 for “family bikes”). Here’s the information on the award including the “Jury Statement”.

Category: Accessories
Product: Burley Travoy – Bicycle trailer system
Company: Burley Design, Eugene/USA
Design: Aaron Beese, Joel Wilson, Gwen Spencer, Chris Casler
Burley Design, Eugene/USA

Jury statement: “The Travoy is a trailer concept designed to transport all kinds of different things you need every day – an impressive contribution to bicycle mobility. Versatile use provided by a variety of different pockets and can also be used for shopping without the bike. A good idea that has also been well implemented.”

You can find full information on all the awards HERE.

The Eurobike Jury via www.ifdesign.de

Burley was the only US company to win a GOLD award and as the company has scaled back and refocused itself over the past couple of years it’s exciting to see it gain such recognition for this great new product.  Even with a smaller staff they have worked to remain engaged in the community coming out to events and giving trailers to local organizations for fundraisers. As the proud owner of a Burley trailer myself I’m excited to see them win this award and I hope we continue to see great things from them.

We’re lucky in Eugene to have a small but thriving bicycle industry and we should do more to promote and encourage not only the businesses we have but also work to bring more of these sustainable and innovative companies to our region.

Congratulations Burley, you make us proud!

Burley Travoy Folded
On the bike & empty

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1 thought on “Burley Takes Home GOLD at Eurobike”

  1. I love this thing, and am sorely tempted, but my only interaction with the new Burley wasn’t so great.

    I bought a dog trailer, and had this horribly confusing experience as I put it together, because I was looking for parts that were listed on the pdf spec sheet on the website.

    Eventually I figured out that they had renamed the $300 model (Rover) with no accessories to the name formerly used for the $400 model (Tail Wagon) that came with lots of goodies.

    After I complained, they updated the website so that they weren’t falsely advertising anymore, and the best solution they would offer was to give me a discount on buying the accessories that they had been advertising as included.

    The renaming seemed like a shady business practice, and that they wouldn’t rectify it seemed like really bad customer service.

    Maybe this thing will get them the kind of sales that would cause them to do business in a way that would make me want to support them like I did before, but I am one local buyer who likes to support local business who won’t go near them anymore.

    (but I still think it would be rad to find a used Burley Fox Hollow or Wolf Creek on ebay)

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