MidWeek News Wrapup – Kendra’s Tour, Springfield Bike Trails, Kidical Mass, Drunk Driving, and more

A Deer Tick: Enemy of Cyclists!

WeBikeEugene’s slow-down became a complete stop a little over a week ago when Kendra’s three week bike tour around the Great Lakes ended in near tragedy.  Two weeks into the trip, her riding partner acquired an infection that made it impossible for them to continue.  Disappointed, they cut the ride a week and a half short and headed back to Des Moines, IA.  On the way back Kendra got an incredible headache that lasted for days, and was hospitalized in Des Moines July 11th (Sunday) with some version of tick-borne Meningitis.  They aren’t sure if it is Lyme’s Disease or something viral, but either way it kicked her butt.   I arrived in Iowa a few days later, a week earlier than planned, and stayed with Kendra until she was discharged last Saturday.  She is slowly recovering, and should be okay in a few weeks.

WBE experienced a complete stop while this played out, but we are ready to return in a “slowed-down” fashion, and will return to full speed in late August or Early September.

The rest of our wrapup covers proposed Sprinfield bikeways, Kidical Mass, EugeneBicyclist.com, a car-free family, and drunk driving sentencing.

Via EugeneCycles.com: Springfield Plan Has Miles of Protected Bikeways

Eugene Weekly’s Eugene Cycles has a very interesting article about Springfield’s proposed downtown bike ways.  There is a city produced powerpoint with more information that I will try to get my hands on, but so far WBE has been unable to obtain a reliable contact in the Springfield City Government. (Hey Springfield, e-mail me; I’m nice)  In the meantime, check out EugeneCycles.com’s coverage.

The Kidical Mass Bike to Baseball ride last weekend seems to have been great success.

A few pictures can be found on organizer Shane MacRhode’s flickr.

Via EugeneBicyclist.com: lots of stuff

A few months ago I received an e-mail from the anonymous writer of EugeneBicyclist.com introducing his new bike blog.  I didn’t promote it right away because I wanted to see what kind of blog it would become.  So far I like it a lot, and it’s been very entertaining to read.  It is a great addition to Eugene’s cycling culture and web presence.  Check it out!

Via Shareable.com: Car-Free with Four Kids!

Shareable.com is an online magazine focusing on sustainable living through sharing resources.  Recently they published a biography on the Adkins, possibly Eugene’s most famous car-free family.  It’s a great read, and a practical how-to guide on going car-free.  Give it a look.

Our final story looks at the recent slap on the wrist for a drunken hit-and-run that killed a homeless man.

On Tuesday, July 13th Kenneth Raymond Harris received a sentence of 20 days in jail (not prison), a fine, five years of probation, and an eight-year suspension of his license for a February drunken hit-and-run that killed homeless man Harley Joe McCoy in Glenwood.   The impact threw McCoy’s body 15 yards and spread debris from his shopping cart all over the road.

Harris continued driving and later crashed into a chain-link fence and passed out. He had a blood alchohol level of .19.  Prosecutors chose not to charge him with a hit-and-run because they said he was clearly too drunk to realize that he hit anyone. I’m no lawyer, but I was unaware that “being too drunk to realize what you are doing” was an excuse to break the law.  I wonder if Harris had gone on a drunken shooting rampage if they would have said the same thing: “He was clearly too drunk to understand that he was shooting people, we should let him go.”

Lets compare Harris’ sentence to two other drunk driving crashes in Lane County:  When Joshua Clifton drunkenly wounded cyclist Hart Godbold last fall in a hit-and-run he was sentenced to 7.5 years. When Matthew Ellmers drunkenly killed four people in an SUV in January 2009 he was sentenced to 20 years. Ellmers had a blood alcohol level of .21, higher than Harris’ .19.

It would seem that being homeless makes you even less human than being a cyclist.

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