Eugene Area Advocacy Primer Part 1: point2point Solutions

Those of us living and riding in the Eugene/Springfield area have a wonderful problem on our hands.  There are so many advocacy organizations in our area working to improve our lives that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all.  It can be difficult to see how these organizations fit and work together, and which is responsible for what.   Well, lucky for you gentlefolks WeBikeEugene has come to the rescue!  Last spring we circulated a questionnaire to as many of the local advocacy groups we could, and most of them answered back.  From this we have created the Eugene Area Advocacy Primer.

The primer is a multi-part series which will run more-or-less weekly throughout the rest of summer, and cover organizations such as GEARs, The BikeLane Coalition, The UO Bike Program, Safe Routes to School, The BTA, and point2point Solutions!  If you’d like an organization covered that is not listed here, let us know!

I’ve chosen point2point Solutions to kick off this series.   point2point Solutions is the organization behind the “Drive Less, Save More” campaign last April and the Business Commute Challenge last May.  They are also responsible for the incredibly useful website which updates commuters on construction that may affect them.

Take the jump to learn about point2point Solutions, how they work, what areas they cover, and what else they do. (They do a lot!)

Name of Organization: point2point Solutions


Person Interviewed: Laura Holtgrieve, Administrative Secretary

Mission: point2point Solutions promotes and offers transportation options programs to the Lane County region’s businesses, organizations, educational institutions for their employees, staff and students and to the general public.  The program is supported by Lane County’s jurisdictions and is housed at Lane Transit District.

Our services exist in an effort to respond to increasing traffic congestion, environmental risk factors, and mobility challenges facing our region.  We believe that a comprehensive, cross-jurisdictional approach to managing the demand for road use will result in more effective and innovative planning and services.  We work and collaborate with community partners to help move more people, more efficiently, in fewer vehicles.

Size of Organization: 5 paid staff members

Organization Structure: Program Manager, Rideshare Manager, Employer Programs Specialist, School Programs Coordinator, and Administrative Secretary.

Legal Definition of Organization: point2point Solutions is a program housed at Lane Transit District offices. We are not a stand-alone entity.

Areas Covered: point2point Solutions serves the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area and outlying communities.

Funding: Grants from several sources and contributions from local agencies.

Do you have any sister organizations or are you part of a larger network?
point2point Solutions partners with the following organizations:  City of Springfield; City of Eugene; Lane County; LCOG; LTD; ODOT; LRAPA; and the City of Coburg.

We participate in local, regional, and state transportation planning discussions to increase presence of Transportation Options strategies in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

How does point2point Solutions interact with other Eugene organizations and state organizations such as the BTA?
point2point Solutions provides updates on its programs, services and performance monitoring to region’s decision making bodies: Metropolitan Planning Committee, City of Springfield, City of Eugene, City of Coburg, Lane Transit District, Lane County, Lane Council of Governments, Citizen’s Advisory Committee, and regional and state planning agencies.  We do not interact a great deal with many groups within the state due to our limited resources; however, we do fund bike education efforts by being one of the sponsors for the BTA’s Bicycle Education program they operate in our area.

How does point2point Solutions interact with city, county, and federal government?
point2point Solutions is a standing subcommittee of the Transportation Planning Committee (which is staff to the Metropolitan Planning Organization). Our Transportation Options Advisory Committee has representatives from city, county, and state agencies, who assist in setting the operating budget and Transportation Demand Management priorities for our area.

What is a brief history of point2point Solutions?
In 1995 Lane Transit District partnered with our local jurisdictions and offered businesses, organizations, and educational institutions a new program: Commuter Solutions (now known as point2point Solutions).  Since its inception, point2point Solutions has offered the Eugene-Springfield area transportation demand management strategies, often referred to as Transportation Options.

What are some projects that point2point Solutions is working on or has worked on?
[The] website, a collaboration of all local units of government; regional Emergency Ride Home Program; Employee Transportation Coordinator training and education; Business Commute Challenge, and more.

point2point Solutions programs and services include:

  • LTD Group Pass Programs: Employer-paid, discounted transit passes for all employees.
  • Commuter Club Transit Voucher Program: Subsidized monthly transit voucher where the employer pays at least 50% of the transit pass cost and employee pays the rest.
  • Regional Carpools/Vanpools: Carpool matching, incentives and promotion of commuting. A Valley VanPool partnership between point2point Solutions/Lane Transit District (p2p/LTD), Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments (OCWCOG) and Mid-Valley Rideshare/Salem Area Mass Transit District (MVR/SAMTD) to promote forms and provide management support of vanpools.
  • Emergency Ride Home Program: Emergency taxi ride home for employees who experience a personal or family emergency on any day that they commute to work by bus, walking, biking, carpool, or vanpool- no cost to employer or employee.
  • Congestion Mitigation Program: Promotes public awareness of major regional road projects and informs commuters about transportation options and ways to avoid delay.
  • SchoolSolutions Program: Free services offered to parents of K-12 students help reduce school-related traffic, improve student safety, promote physical activity and reduce fuel consumption. Services provided include:
    • The SchoolPool Program: Promotes and helps form carpools to school for K-12 students.
    • Development of Walk and Bike Groups:  Helps organize groups that walk or bike together to and from school.
    • Management of the free Student Transit Pass Program:  Provides free transit passes to students in grades 6 – 12 attending public and private schools within LTD’s service boundaries.
  • Park & Rides: Management and promotion of Park & Ride lots and promotion for use of transit, carpool, vanpool, bike and walk trips.
  • Bicycle Commuting: Promotion of bike commuting and tax credit opportunities.
  • Walking Programs: Promotion of walking as a healthy transportation option.
  • Telecommuting: Information and referral services for telecommuting as an option to reduce the number of vehicle trips made in our region.
  • Research: Employee transportation surveys and data collection for program performance measurements.
  • Information and Referral: Helpful information regarding tax benefits and funding options for transportation options related projects and programs.

What are some challenges that have faced point2point Solutions?

One of the main challenges faced by our organization is having a dependable funding stream.

Is there anything else you would like WeBikeEugene to tell the community about point2point Solutions?

To learn more about point2point Solutions, visit us at: or contact us by email at point2point at We are located at P.O. Box 7070, Eugene, OR 97401.

Author: C-Gir


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