WBE Copy Editor leaves for bike tour, a summer of mispelings and typoes two follow

Kendra's route will mostly follow this Northern Route

Kendra, our esteemed copy editor, left this weekend for a month long tour of the Great Lakes, roughly following Adventure Cycling’s North Lakes Route.  She and a friend will start in Scandia, Mn on June 21st and then ride self-supported to West Bend, In – arriving on July 13th or 14th.  From there they will take an Amtrak back to Des Moines, Ia where I will join them on July 22nd for a 500 mile bike ride across Iowa as part of Team RoadShow on RAGBRAI.  Kendra and I plan to return to Eugene in early August.

This will affect the site in a few ways. Most notably our standards for spelling and grammar will likely drop, and the general coherence of my thoughts may also suffer. Also, since we both will be gone for the last week or two of July, WBE posts during that period will likely be even less timely.

You can follow Kendra’s trip on her Flickr page, which she will be updating with her phone.

Author: C-Gir


2 thoughts on “WBE Copy Editor leaves for bike tour, a summer of mispelings and typoes two follow”

  1. I follow you from Traverse City, MI and the guest room is available for wayward cycling copy editors. Please, forward my email. We’d love to host.

  2. Woo, Gary! Thank you! I promise we’re minimally stinky and generally nice ladies overall. I’ll nag Seager long-distance until I get that email. 🙂

    And Seager, you’re adorable.

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