Eugenians at the Alice Awards

The 2010 Alice Awards

This Saturday is the Bicycle Transport Alliance (BTA) 15th annual Alice Awards.  The awards are a fundraiser for the BTA, a Portland-based cycling advocacy organization that works “to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.

The BTA website states that The Alice Awards “honors individuals, businesses, and organizations in Oregon whose work has promoted the use of bicycles and increased the livability of our communities. All of the funds raised at the auction go to support the BTA’s continuing advocacy work on behalf of bicyclists.

According to BikePortland, The 2008 Alice Awards raised $150,000 to use towards cyclist advocacy, partially due to the steep $100 ticket prices–a ticket price which is so high that Kendra and I cannot afford to attend the event.  However, the exciting story here is not us being too poor to party, but instead that some Eugene advocates have been nominated for Alice Awards once again!

Take the jump to read about 2010 nominees Paul Adkins and Richard Hughes and to learn about past Eugenian Alice Awards winners!

Here are the BTA provided biographies for the two activists nominated from Eugene this year:

Paul Adkins, GEARs Director at Large (and designer of the WBE logo)

Over the past three years Paul has helped to redefine the bike advocacy movement in Eugene. Paul served as GEARs Board President during a transition that could have been very contentious as Eugene Bicycle Coalition and the Greater Eugene Area Riders club merged into one. His strong vision of what an advocacy and recreational organization could do with greater strength in numbers and better effectiveness with vision and goals brought an important energy to the effort.

Richard Hughes, GEARs Treasurer

Richard Hughes has single-handedly created GEARs’ Bike Rewards program, through which bicyclists arriving by bike at over 30 local businesses—including all of the bike shops in Eugene—receive a discount. Thanks largely to the Bike Rewards Program, membership in GEARs (Greater Eugene Area Riders) has doubled, resulting in a larger pool of energized cyclists to draw upon for GEARs projects. Richard also brought together a private donor and the staff at the Lane Events Center to install covered bike parking that has been sorely needed for decades, but for which there was never enough money. As the treasurer of GEARs, Richard has discovered a steady stream of ways to make more money available to GEARs for projects benefitting bicyclists in Eugene. Richard is literally worth his weight in gold to bicycling in Eugene-Springfield!

Eugene has had many past Alice Award winners.  WBE Contributer Shane MacRhodes won an Alice Award last year for his work with Safe Routes to School (at least I think that’s why he won, the BTA practically wrote a book about him).  Other past Eugene winners include Bike Friday co-founder Alan Scholz in 2004, former City of Eugene Bike/Ped Coordinator Diane Bishop in 2001, Full Circle Farm and David Niles in 2000,  current GEARs president Sue Wolling in 1998, and Jan Vandertuin of CAT in 1997.

Please wish Paul and Richard luck, and remember to thank our past Alice Award winners if you see them. The people listed above are a large part of why cycling in Eugene is so good.

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