Lake Franklin: Creating Beachfront Property in Glenwood

Every so often in Oregon, it’s been known to rain. And when the rain comes, Lake Franklin arises from the misty landscape.

Franklin Blvd in the guise of a placid pool
Low tide with automobiles.


Located in the Glenwood neighborhood, Lake Franklin dominates the southbound lane of Franklin Boulevard just north of the intersection with Nugget Way. This seasonal wetland will limit itself to just the bike lane when the weather is merely a drizzle, requiring cyclists to either take the traffic lane or noodle down the the grassy footpath on the side of the road.

But when the rain gets halfway serious, the water claims the entire southbound lane and turns the footpath into an elegant fjord. Passing cars contribute dynamic arching accents to  this water feature.


My advice: pack your waders and fishing pole.

Author: Katura Reynolds


5 thoughts on “Lake Franklin: Creating Beachfront Property in Glenwood”

  1. They didn’t return an e-mail asking for comment on the issue – but one of these days we’ll track down a good Springfield city contact.

  2. Thanks, Alexander! Oh, the Public Works department of the City of Springfield did write back yesterday, to report that this particular section of road is maintained by ODOT. So they’ve forwarded my note & photos. I’ll give an update if I hear any news.

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