Adventure Cycling Sierra Cascades REI Launch Party a Success

Launch Attendees stare - transfixed and amazed!

Adventure Cycling held a launch party for their new 2,392 mile Sierra Cascades bicycle route at REI in Eugene on April 8th.  Adventure Cycling cartographer Jennifer Milyko presented the new route to a crowded room. WeBikeEugene estimates it was full to capacity with between 50 and 2 million viewers (probably closer to 100.)  The route was launched in Portland the night before, and according to‘s twitter, the event was so full that people were being turned away.  Never to be outdone by Portland, we can assume that we probably had more people, and therefor must have a bigger REI.  A double win for us!

Why did we wait so long to cover this story, you ask?  Never one to slack (much), WBE waited until we got our grubby, bike-glove smelling mitts on a stripped-down version of the presentation, so that those of you who missed it can still share in the fun.  Take the “jump” for more pictures of the event, information, maps, and an embedded copy of the presentation!

Click for a large map PDF

The new Sierra Cascades route runs from Sumas, WA to Tecate, CA, and roughly follows the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail.  It is broken up into a five map set:

1. Sumas, WA to Mt. Rainier NP, WA (447.0 mi.)
2. Mt. Rainier NP, WA to Crater Lake NP, OR (449.6 mi.)
3. Crater Lake NP, OR to Truckee, CA (455.6 mi.)
4. Truckee, CA to Lake Isabella, CA (553.9 mi.)
5. Lake Isabella, CA to Tecate, CA (485.8 mi.)

For more information you can check out the Adventure Cycling Sierra Cascades Website or download the map overview PDF. On a personal note, I’ve used the western half of the Adventure Cycling Trans-America maps and loved them.  My wife is currently planning a trip using their North Lakes maps, and in a couple years I hope to ride their Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.  I’ve toured extensively with and without their maps; if your route lines up with one of  Adventure Cycling’s maps, they are well worth the money.  Only a company putting out a quality product could consistently pack rooms in Eugene, Portland, and Seattle (Seattle had 250 people two nights prior).  View the slide show below to get an idea of our event:

Jennifer Milyko was kind enough to send me a stripped down version of her presentation for those of you who missed it.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to include the many scenic pictures for copyright reasons.  Find something incredibly beautiful, awe-inspiring, and inspirational to stare at between the slides and you’ll more or less have the same experience.

Download (PPT, 2.09MB)

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