Eugene Twilight Race Series Begins

Dwan Shepard (Co-Motion) Finishing Strong

3…2…1…GO! It has begun- the local race series right here in Eugene. And what could start the year off better than an uphill Time Trial on McBeth? For those who have not had a chance to bike up this hill, it is something to be experienced. The scenery is amazing, but most people navigating this on a bicycle won’t have much time to enjoy the Oregon countryside–their legs will be in more pain than they’ve ever felt before. With no actual “flat sections,” this 5k course has little to no place for recovery- making this an ideal place to test your strength and lactate threshold.

One of Eugene’s best attributes is how bike friendly the city is for all different types of cyclists. The race scene is no different; “…everyone, from beginners to pro level athletes” will find the atmosphere friendly and competitive.  If you don’t feel like racing and want to cheer others on, you won’t be alone! Many other cycling supporters are strewn along the sides of the roads ringing cowbells and screaming “go!”*

If going up hill isn’t your thing, next month there will be an all flat time trial right out in Coburg. So come out and enjoy this lovely spring weather!

*Below is a map to show you where the McBeth race begins.  If you want to watch the finish, just continue up the road to where McBeth meets Fox Hollow Rd.


For more information on this or other local races feel free to visit or click here to get linked directly to the local race series.

Author: David Wells