In The News: Delta Ponds Bridge Project, Police “Focused Enforcement Operation” results

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We have three articles to bring to your attention today: a KVAL article updating us all on the Delta Ponds Bridge Project, a EugeneCycles post with some results from last weeks “Focused Enforcement Operation”, and a editorial on the same subject.  Happy article adventuring!

Via KVAL: Eugene building new bridge to somewhere

The Delta Ponds Bridge project (previously reported on by WeBikeEugene here) is moving along nicely.  KVAL has run a nice update on the project. Unfortunately, it is clear from the article comments that many people still do not understand that the project is funded by federal stimulus money, which can only be used for projects like this, and not money taken away from filling potholes.

Excerpts from the article: (emphasis mine)

Engineers are pumped up that the Delta Ponds bridge project is half way to the finish line.

The $6 million Delta Ponds bike and pedestrian bridge project, more than 1,000 feet long, will reach from Goodpasture Island Road east across the highway to Robin Hood Avenue.

Project Manager Patrick Cox said huge 85-foot-tall columns will support the bridge. They’ll lean away from each other. It’s engineering name is a humorous coincidence for the project.

“That configuration is called Delta,” Cox said. “On account of the bridge going over the Delta Highway, it seemed like a pretty good choice to go with the Delta configuration for the towers.”

The bridge is right on track for completion this September. Special LED lighting has just been approved for the towers of the bridge.

Cox said the lights are “to illuminate the cables, so this bridge will be lit up at night like some of the nicer bridges you see in Portland.”


“I think once people start to come out here and see this, I think people will ride and walk this bridge for the sake of seeing it,” said Milovich.

The city says federal stimulus money and a federal highway grant will cover $5.8 million of the $6 million dollar cost. Local funds pay the balance of the cost.

Read the full article (and video) at

Via Police Target Bike/Peds Downtown

Ignoring the fact that the title of this blog post is misleading – the police targeted everyone, which happened to include bicyclists and pedestrians as well as car drivers, EugeneCycles has provided us with the first insight into how the “Focused Enforcement Operation” by the Eugene Police Department (previously reported by WeBikeEugene here) went last week.

Excerpts: (emphasis mine, comments in red)

Eugene police issued an estimated 25 tickets to cyclists, 35 tickets to pedestrians and 126 tickets to motorists March 31 in a “targeted enforcement” effort downtown.

That breaks down to about 13 percent bikes, 19 percent pedestrians and 68 percent cars, EugeneCycles estimates.

[…]Here’s a list of all the downtown targeted enforcement citations from the EPD:

811.111 – Violating Designated Speed: 41
814.020 – Failure to Obey Pedestrian Control Device: 35
806.010 – Driving Uninsured: 23
811.265 – Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device: 23
811.210 – Failure to Wear Seatbelt: 13
811.507 – Operate Vehicle Using Mobile Comm. Device: 11
815.222 – Illegal Window Tinting: 7
807.570 – Failure to Carry/Present DL: 6
807.010 – Operate Vehicle w/Out Valid Driving Privileges: 3
803.300 – Failure to Renew Vehicle Registration: 2
803.545 – Expired Out of State Plates: 2
803.560 – Improper Display License Plate Stickers: 2
807.420 – Failure to Change Address on ID: 2
807.560 – Failure to Change Address on DL: 2
811.270 – Failure to Obey One-Way Designation: 2
811.405 – Failure to Signal Lane Change: 2
811.435 – Operate Vehicle on Bike Lane: 2
803.540 – Failure to Display License Plate: 1
811.020 – Passing Vehicle Stopped for Pedestrian: 1
811.170 – Open Container Alcohol in Vehicle: 1
811.175 – Driving While Suspended: 1
811.225 – Failure to Maintain Seatbelts: 1
811.360 – Failure to Stop & Remain Stopped for Ped. in Cross-Walk: 1
816.330 – Defective Brake Lights: 1
4.830 – Portion of Street reserved for Vehicular Traffic: 1 (What is this?)
Total 186

Misc. traffic violation warnings: 24

EPD spokeswoman Jenna McCulley said she didn’t immediately have a break down of the citations by the bike, pedestrian and motorist categories.  […]  McCulley said she would forward the official break down when she could.

Go to to read the full article.

Via Should Bike Scofflaws Get Police Scrutiny?

The fine folks at, who like linking to us (we love you too!), posted an interesting editorial in response to the EPD “Focused Enforcement Operation” last week.

A teaser:

These types of traffic enforcements aren’t unusual, but for cyclists they inevitably raise a lot of issues, because while cars have their designated place on the road, and pedestrians are supposed to, on the sidewalk, in North America cyclists are living in a sort of limbo. Cyclists are expected to obey laws and observances rarely designed with their comfort and safety in mind, and with scant dedicated, separated roads and tracks. So just how much scrutiny (and tickets) should cyclists get?

The editorial then does the inevitable and begins making comparison to European cycling cities, and why not?  We look to Portland, Portland looks to Europe, and Europe leads the way.  Read the full article at

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