Safety Warning: Fern Ridge Bike Path Floods (Updated)

Underpass Flooding at Chambers at 8am (click for bigger picture)

The Fern Ridge Bike Path is experiencing the worst underpass flooding that I’ve seen in my two years of daily riding.  The underpass at Chambers is completely submerged with over foot deep water.  The underpass at Garfield shows signs of having flooded over night, and the water left behind a layer of thick, slippery mud.  The Garfield underpass is especially dangerous since it is at the bottom of a slope, shadowed, and deceptively  slick.  Please take it very slow.  When the waters receded at Chambers we can expect similarly muddy and slippery conditions as well.

Be careful out there, and please share any other flooding that you see today in the comments.

I talked to fellow Fern Ridge Path commuter Chris Stober shortly after I posted this story.  He ran into the flooded area under Chambers while riding to work in the early morning dark, and his light wasn’t able to warn him of the water in time.  I’ll let him tell the rest of the story:

I received quite the wake up call while I was biking to work this morning on the Fern Ridge path.  It was the dark of early morning, rainy and I was hustling on the same route I take everyday.  Suddenly, I found myself over a foot deep in water with no way out but to pedal through.  Needless to say, the rest of the ride was wet, cold and miserable. It sure would be nice if we could get a fix in place for this, as it is always expected that rainy weather will make the river rise in the Eugene winters.

Underpass Flooding at Chambers at 8am (click for bigger picture)

Location of Flooding:


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4 thoughts on “Safety Warning: Fern Ridge Bike Path Floods (Updated)”

  1. The North bike lane on 24th between Hilyard and Amazon Park are flooded out (take the lane) as well as the sidewalk on the South side of 24th near the tennis courts (plus PW is doing a sidewalk repair there and diverting kids into the roadway without any extra help).

  2. The west 11th and Beltline underpasses were also completely flooded. Really deep water at both of those spots this morning!

  3. Not sure what fix Chris has in mind for the Fern Ridge Path. If the water level is above the path, water will be on the path; no wall or other construction will change that. Perhaps the best bet would be for the city to install surface lighting in and approaching the underpasses.

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