SRTS Updates 4J School District on Progress (audio and video)

On Wednesday, March 3rd, Shane Rhodes and Lisa VanWinkle updated the 4J School Board about Safe Routes to School (SRTS) projects within the district, future plans, and projected grant spending.  WeBikeEugene was able to obtain the audio from the school board meeting, and Rhodes (a WeBikeEugene contributor) was kind enough re-create his presentation as narrated video for your viewing pleasure.

The audio from the Rhode’s portion of the presentation and the narrated video contain essentially the same information, but both are provide here for your convenience.  The presentation covered the history of SRTS in Eugene, the Freiker frequent biker program, future events, Kidical Mass, community education, grants and funding, and other issues.  The Freiker program is particularly interesting.  It is a program which uses RFID tags to track students commuting via bicycle to Roosevelt Middle School and then provides rewards for them based on their commute rate.

Both the audio and video run about 14 minutes.

Shane Rhodes – March 3rd, 2010 School Board Meeting Audio (streaming)

WeBikeEugene also has audio of Lisa VanWinkle’s short and informative presentation from the 4J School Board meeting.  She is the Smart Ways to School Project Lead for LTD’s Point to Point Solutions, and the chair of the Oregon SRTS Advisory Committee.

The Oregon SRTS Advisory Committee helps guide the distribution of SRTS funds within the state. According to VanWinkle, the recent $495,000 SRTS grant that Eugene received was ranked by the committee as the highest priority application among 29 other applications.  There was only enough funding for about 20% of the applications.

She also mentioned that Springfield has also done very well, and actually received one of the first SRTS grants to build bike parking facilities at the new Thurston Elementary School.  That project was the first SRTS grant to be completed in Oregon.

Her portion of the presentation is three and a half minutes.

Lisa VanWinkle  – March 3rd, 2010 School Board Meeting Audio (streaming)

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