“Amazon Puddle” extinct; More on Fern Ridge Path Flooding

The regraded former home of the Amazon Puddle

I didn’t want to post news of the recent eradication of the Amazon Puddle at 24th and the Amazon Bike Path until I’d seen the results in action.  I first noticed on March 17th that the City had regraded the area around the puddle, but it wasn’t until yesterday’s deluge that I could really assess the results.  Despite abnormally high levels of water and flooding in many other areas, the Amazon Puddle did not appear.  The rains did cause some significant erosion in the regraded soil, but that is to be expected until the planted grass  becomes established in the area.

In other flooding news, the Fern Ridge Path flooding has garnered some significant media attention  – including the front page of the Register-Guard (with perhaps the best picture of the flooding yet), and more pictures and video on the South Eugene KVAL blog.

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Safety Warning: Fern Ridge Bike Path Floods (Updated)

Underpass Flooding at Chambers at 8am (click for bigger picture)

The Fern Ridge Bike Path is experiencing the worst underpass flooding that I’ve seen in my two years of daily riding.  The underpass at Chambers is completely submerged with over foot deep water.  The underpass at Garfield shows signs of having flooded over night, and the water left behind a layer of thick, slippery mud.  The Garfield underpass is especially dangerous since it is at the bottom of a slope, shadowed, and deceptively  slick.  Please take it very slow.  When the waters receded at Chambers we can expect similarly muddy and slippery conditions as well.

Be careful out there, and please share any other flooding that you see today in the comments.

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City Announces First Public Workshop Concerning Alder Street

Postcards sent out to stakeholders last week.

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Eugene Police Plan “Focused Enforcement Operation” Downtown, WBE provides a legal cycling tutorial

Location of the "Focused Enforcement Operation."

The Eugene Police Department (EPD) is planning a traffic “Focused Enforcement Operation” in downtown Eugene on  March 30th and 31st.  The location of the extra enforcement will be from 6th Ave. in the north to 18th Ave. in the south, and Lincoln St. in the west to Kincaid St. in the east. Click on the image to the right for a larger map of the area.

According to EPD  sources the goal of the operation will be to uniformly enforce the law for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and car drivers.  The reason I am giving this warning is to make sure that no one is given a citation due to lack of information and knowledge. Read on for details on what the police will be watching for, and how to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the law.

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In The News: Paul’s BWoL Founder Sues Driver, SmartTrips, New Springfield Bike Paths, PIELC Bike Advocacy, and a Survey for Cycling Women

WBE hasn't updated in awhile because I was too busy flying a kites on assorted Oregon beaches. This is what happens when habitual travelers run blogs.

Eugene  and Springfield cycling issues have seen a surge in coverage by the local news agencies lately.  Here are the stories that have caught our eye:

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Project Homeless Connect- Bicycle Service

Bicycle Service Check-in at Project Homeless Connect

This Thursday was Project Homeless Connect, an event where community volunteers spend the day helping hundreds of members from the homeless community in receiving critical services including free medical exams, dental checkups, vision care, hot meals, haircuts, services support, and much more, including  bike repair.  At this years event about 15 volunteer mechanics, several intake volunteers, CAT Valet Bike Parking Volunteers, City of Eugene Transportation staff and Project Homeless Connect coordinators helped over a hundred guests get their bikes tuned up, fit a free helmet, or simply watch their bikes (and gear) while they received other services.

Last year the event served 1,548 guests. Organizers anticipated an increase in attendance as Lane County’s homeless population is rising. Results of the 2010 annual one-night homeless count revealed that 3,971 people were homeless at that time. Of those homeless, 607 were families.  Many use bikes as their main transportation. Continue reading “Project Homeless Connect- Bicycle Service”

City to rebuild Alder St. near UO, could put in Eugene’s first cycletrack (updated)

The yellow line shows the area of planned reconstruction

This is a story that I’ve been dying to write for years, even though WeBikeEugene has only existed for a month.  It’s hard for me to stay detached and unbiased about this subject because I’ve spent countless hours and miles having my bones shaken and bike punished by the decrepit and horrible conditions on Alder St. near the University or Oregon – a street that is one of Eugene’s main, yet most horribly maintained, cycling routes.

Thankfully, good news is finally here.  Not only is Alder St. between 18th Ave. and Franklin Blvd (and part of 13th Ave) going to be repaved in 2011 as part of The City of Eugene’s Pavement Preservation Program, but thanks to the City’s policy of piggy-backing bicyclist and pedestrian improvement projects on top of its pavement preservation projects, there is an opportunity for additional funds to be made available by applying to the competitive Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Pedestrian and Bicycle Grant Program.  Past piggy-backed projects include the 2009 rebuilding of Bailey Hill Road and the rebuilding of 18th Ave near the U of O.  There are also plans to improve Alder St south of 19th Ave, but they are part of  separate projects and are funded by Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grants.

Proposed Alder St. Cycletrack

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Weekend News Wrapup 03/13/10 – 2009 Leaf Program Review, ACT, Future Infrastructure Projects, Online Hazard Reporting, and FLUX Magazine features WeBikeEugene Founder

The Weekend Wrapup is a randomly published WeBikeEugene feature used to summarize several key news items into one easy-to-digest post.  This Weekend Wrapup will cover The City of Eugene’s Leaf Program presentation to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC),  Active Community Transportation Act and future STP-U funded infrastructure project updates (both via GEARs News), BikeWise.org online hazard reporting, and the University of Oregon’s FLUX magazine story and video featuring yours truly.

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SRTS Updates 4J School District on Progress (audio and video)

On Wednesday, March 3rd, Shane Rhodes and Lisa VanWinkle updated the 4J School Board about Safe Routes to School (SRTS) projects within the district, future plans, and projected grant spending.  WeBikeEugene was able to obtain the audio from the school board meeting, and Rhodes (a WeBikeEugene contributor) was kind enough re-create his presentation as narrated video for your viewing pleasure.

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GEARs offers Confident Cycling Classes for Everyone

The new Google Maps “Bike There” feature has further bridged the information gap between novice and expert riders.  Now visitors to Eugene and novice riders, who don’t have an experienced knowledge of Eugene’s bike routes, have safe and scenic routing information available at the tips of their fingers.  However, while Google Maps has made it easy to find a safe cycling route between point A and point B, a rider still may not feel entirely confident or safe riding alone or with their children in traffic or on multi-use paths.

Luckily, the Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARs) already has a series of cycling classes in place to help educate new, experienced, and youth riders about how to bicycle safely, confidently, and legally in traffic and on the multi-use paths.  For experienced riders the classes do more than just teach safety – they also educate about how traffic laws apply to cyclists, lane positioning, cyclist rights, flat fixing, and safety checks.  The classes are worthwhile no matter what your experience level, and the instructors are friendly and inviting.

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