Delta Ponds Bridge Project Well Underway

KEZI ran an article and video today with information regarding the progress of the Delta Ponds Bridge Project;  a bicycle and pedestrian bridge currently under construction with the intent to connect Goodpasture Island Road with Robin Hood Avenue.

According to the article the six million dollar project is being funded by highway and federal stimulus money which cannot be spent on other types of projects.  Refreshingly, the new bridge will not be bogged down by the same type of signage that ruined the I-5 pedestrian and bicycle bridge for some.  Quoted from

The contractor for this project is the same one who worked on the I-5 bike bridge. So will this new bridge be subjected to the same type of signage that hangs above the interstate?

“No, there won’t be any signage on this bridge, the bike bridge and for a big reason is because it is a beautiful area, we want a beautiful bridge to match the area,” said Jones.

The Dangerous Valley River Drive Overpass

This project is a boon for bike commuters working and living on opposite sides of the Delta Highway, who currently have to cross the highway at the dangerous Valley River Drive overpass, or possibly head far out of their way to take the Goodpasture Island  Road overpass.  This danger and inconvenience has long been a barrier for cyclists who would normally use the busy Riverbank Trail just west of The Valley River Mall for commuting.  It will also provide safe non-motorized access from the east to the Valley River Mall and its surrounding plethora of shops and restaurants.

According to the City of Eugene project website and PDF fact sheet for the project:

The Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) on February 27, 2009, approved a $2.25 million Federal Highway Administration transportation enhancement (TE) grant to construct a 1,000-foot-long elevated pedestrian-bicycle path over the Delta Ponds and Delta Highway.


This project will connect the well-used Ruth Bascom Riverbank Trail in the Valley River area to the Cal Young neighborhood in north Eugene.


The project removes a major east-west bicycle barrier at the heart of the greater Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area. With this grade-separated path and bridge span, bicyclists will enjoy a continuous bikeway from River Road, through Willagillespie, Cal Young and Coburg Road neighborhoods, across I-5 and into the Gateway area of Springfield.

From the Delta Ponds Bridge Project PDF (click image)

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  1. In Berkeley we took years to get a signature bike/ped bridge across I-80. It was worth it for the quality. You can see it at the top of’s home page


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