PeaceHealth Rides is Hiring

Cascadia Mobility (operating under the umbrella of Forth Mobility Fund) is the new operator of our PeaceHealth Rides bike share program in Eugene.  As they take operations over from the City of Eugene, who has been operating the system since June of last year, they are looking for a new Community Outreach Manager and two new field technician.

You can find out more about the positions at:

JUMP Hiring Field Technician

JUMP, the operator of Eugene’s PeaceHealth Rides bike share system, is hiring a Field Technician (FT). The Field Technician is responsible for collecting and distributing bikes throughout the JUMP service area. The primary goal of the FT is to efficiently collect and distribute bikes to maximize bike availability. The FT is responsible for safely and efficiently navigating a large van in dense urban areas to optimize the number of bikes picked up and collected. The FT is also responsible for performing routine maintenance and safety checks on the bikes. Finally, the FT is responsible for responding to dispatch, investigating outlying bike issues and reporting to the Operations Manager.

About JUMP:

JUMP operates Eugene’s latest addition of sustainable transportation. PeaceHealth Rides offers 300 public bikes available 24/7 to pick up and drop off at hubs all around Eugene. A collaboration between the City of Eugene, Lane Transit District, University of Oregon, and PeaceHealth, will provide an active transportation alternative making biking in Eugene easier than ever.

For more information see their online job posting.

May is Bike Month 2018

It’s that time of year again, it’s a month filled with fun rides and events, it’s Bike Month!! May is going to be a GREAT month for biking in Eugene and Springfield. It’s a good time for fair-weather cyclists to roll those steads out of the garage and for everyone who rides bikes to celebrate together.

May is Bike Month Logos Together
A special thanks to the organizers and supporters of May is Bike Month. Along with WeBikeEugene volunteers and community members these partners help make this month of events come together and happen!

If you’re planning an event you can still get it on the calendar and list it here.  Submit your event now!!

Bike Month Events & Descriptions

Download a PDF of a monthly overview or a detailed list.
Read on to see more information about all the great events!

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Beltline/I-5 Multi-Use Path Update

Via City of Eugene InMotion Newsletter:

Completion of the multi-use path extensions along the west side of Interstate 5 have been delayed until next spring. Construction and weather delays led to the decision to wait until next spring to complete the path, which should result in an overall better result for users.

The portion of the path that connects to Harlow Road will be repaved to allow users access to the path and eliminate the detour that has been in place for several weeks. That area is the future connection point for the southern extension of the path.

North of Willakenzie Road, the path will extend to Old Coburg Road, next to the Eugene Register Guard building on Chad Drive. Travelers will go under Beltline and the nearby southbound I-5 off ramp.  The footprint for the path was built in the last portion of the project.

South of Harlow Road, the path will now lead to Garden Way, just north of I-105 West.  A retaining wall has been built under the Harlow Road Bridge to allow room for the path.

The entire path is now scheduled to be open in  early summer 2018.

Friends of Trees Plant Trees by Bike!

via City of Eugene InMotion Newsletter:

Plant trees by bike Saturday December 2nd and Saturday December 16th with Friends of Trees! We are also looking for volunteers that have bike trailers and would like to help haul trees and tools by bike. Gloves, tools, and refreshments provided!

8:45am-noon. Contact for more info:

Plant trees with us!

We are looking for tree planters, bike team members, and truck drivers! Check out Events Calendar for more details.

Pavement Bond Measure Passes

The one major item on Eugene voter’s ballot this Fall was Measure 20-275, which was the third bond the city put forth to fund street repairs and improvements for people walking and biking. Over the next 5 years the rate of city investment from this pavement bond measure will increase from approximately $550,000 a year in the last bond to $1 million a year in the bond passed yesterday. Also, the roughly $50 million this measure will raise over five years will continue efforts to fix streets as they start to deteriorate before they are too far gone and are far more expensive to fix. During these repairs improvements are often made, separate from the dedicated pedestrian and bicycle funding, to make the street safer and more multi-modal.

The Active Transportation Committee for the City of Eugene will be meeting tomorrow evening at the Atrium Building at 5:30 p.m. and one of the items on the agenda will be “project updates” where the initial discussion of what this bond measure could mean for active transportation projects in Eugene will be discussed, including what kind of matching funds these bond funds could be used towards to leverage even more improvements.

Looking Towards 2021; Part Two of Three

In the last installment of this series on “Looking Towards 2021” we looked at active transportation projects that were completed over the last year. Now we’ll look towards projects that are on the schedule for 2018-2020. This coming year in particular has the potential to be a pretty big year for active transportation projects. We’re at a critical point in building out our bicycle and pedestrian transportation network and these projects are hopefully just the start of the kind of projects that will get more people choosing active transportation for more of their trips.

Coming up in 2018

 Eugene Bike Share It’s the biggest biking project that has come to Eugene in decades. It will bring 300 Social Bicycles to 35 stations throughout downtown, the university, and the Whiteaker.  It has the potential to get more people on bikes more often and with that more people calling for better infrastructure. When combined with the 13th Avenue Cycle Track (see 2019 below) there is a great opportunity for an easy, safe, and convenient bike connection between downtown and campus. You can read more about the latest Eugene Bike Share news, including launch date and sponsor news, on our recent post about it.

Amazon Active Transportation Corridor- This project has been in the works since the city applied for STIP-Enhance funding in 2012. The initial plan was to install the cycle track (two way separated bike lanes) on the park side of West Amazon. However that side of Amazon doesn’t have set back sidewalks like the East side does and so it would have placed the cars right at the curb and therefore right next to the pedestrian space. There are also more businesses to access on the East side and a better crossing of Hilyard and East Amazon. So in 2015 the city decided to change the facility to East Amazon.

Best use of 36 feet of space.

This project will also include Continue reading “Looking Towards 2021; Part Two of Three”

Vote Yes on 20-275; Bond to Fix Our Streets

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and they said “hey, I was reading this year’s voters pamphlet and thought of you…”. Wait. First of all what cool friends I have that they spend their Thursday night reading the voters pamphlet. Second, why would I come up when thinking of this Novembers election?

It’s pretty thin. Note that three opposition sections were purchased by one anti-tax individual. The other by someone who wants to see more for active transportation.

So they continued “…there was the bond measure with the piece about the $1 million a year for bicycle and pedestrian projects and I thought ‘cool’ but then I was reading the arguments against and I was like ‘wait a minute, maybe it’s not a good idea’. I should ask Shane.”

Okay so not only does my friend read about the ballot measure she also reads the arguments for and against. And she thought about asking me for my thoughts. #WellInformedFriendsRock


So this is (basically) what I told her.

The arguments against boil down to two points that I’ve heard:

  • We should be funding these street repairs in some other form (from our General Fund, not from a bond that supports “Wall Street”, gas taxes, etc.).

This isn’t a vote on how our bond funding system works. It’s worked well for us up to now to pay for these repairs and if we want to have a conversation about a different funding mechanism that keeps all our money local then we need to have that conversation in general as a community and writing off an important measure that is going to make our streets better for walking and biking isn’t the time or place. We’re working with the system we have here. That answer sucks for some people but like it or not there are times for dealing with the system you have and this is that time. These bonds have been good for walking/biking in the past and this bond is even better. We need it.

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Looking Towards 2021; Part One of Three

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with all the transportation projects “in the pipeline” so I wanted to do an update on what projects were (or are being) completed this summer and fall, what is coming up in the next couple of years, and what projects could be priorities for the city to find funding for that will help us reach our transportation goals. I’ll be breaking those three sections out into different posts over the next several days. This first one will be about projects completed this year. The next post will be about projects coming up in 2018-2020. The final post will be about what we need to be working on to get us to our future goals.

Those goals are laid out in the Transportation System Plan (TSP) that was adopted by the Eugene City Council on June 26, 2017 and it calls for a tripling of our active transportation mode share by 2035.

So how are we going to get to that lofty goal? A good timeline some are using is 2021, as that is the year that Eugene will be hosting the 2021 IAFF World Track & Field Championships. It’s a pretty big deal for “Tracktown USA” as it is the first time the event has been held in the United States. The 2017 Championships were held in London and the 2019 Championships will be held in Doha, Qatar. With nearly 2,000 participants representing as many as 213 different countries from around the world it will be a time that Eugene will be on the world stage and it could be a great time to highlight how great our city is for healthy, active transportation.

So, let’s look first at what happened this year for active transportation projects that will start getting us to those goals. Continue reading “Looking Towards 2021; Part One of Three”

People On Bikes – Eugene Edition

Jonathan Maus from has been doing his “People on Bikes” series for years up in Portland and I’ve always liked flipping through them. The other day I was sitting down in Amazon Park while my kids played at the skate bowl and I decided to snap some photos of the 5 o’clock traffic. There’s an interesting mix in just these 30 photos that were taken in about a 15 minute window. Like BikePortland I’ll number the photos in case you want to give any ‘shout-outs’ or (friendly) comments. What things do you notice in this small sample?

Unlike BP my photos are not very professional, but they get the idea across I think. I hope to do some more focused photos at another time. Have any good spots you’d recommend?

Also, somewhat related, there is Sunday Streets ‘Afterparty’ with a Fall Bike Fashion Show AND a Tweed themed Moonlight Mash tonight so put on your nicest duds and come out to celebrate biking on this beautiful fall day.


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